Explorers galore!

Last week the children got the chance to speak to 4 different explorers as part of our topic! We have Dave on skype on Tuesday in north Sweden, Captain Suzan on Thursday in America, Lauren on Friday who was about to set off on a polar expedition and David who came into school to talk to us on Wednesday! The children were very excited and though of lots of questions to ask the explorers.

We got busy making maps of our own of places we would like to explore!

We also practised getting changed or PE for the first time! We looked very smart in our coloured tops and we all got dressed in record time!


This week the children have been busy learning all about measurements. We used our hands, feet and even bodies to measure everything dinosaur related! We found that 27 of our shoes fit inside one T-Rex foot and that 12 of us lying in a row was the same height as a T-Rex.

We have also been busy using the Lego that Reception got from Santa to build lots of new and exciting things. The children love Lego and they have been using their imaginations to create wonderful things!

The Dinosaur Dome!

On Wednesday we had a strange dome pop up in the hall!

We found out later that once inside we would be transported back to when dinosaurs lived! Inside the dome there was a projector that projected pictures onto the walls all around us. The children absolutely loved this experience and we even felt like we were walking with the dinosaurs! They learnt lots of new,interesting facts and had such a great week completing activities from this great hook.

Christingle and Christmas party!

The children all had the task of making a Christingle for the whole school assembly. The children each made their own and were very proud of them. We went to the hall in two halves with the rest of the school, sang carols and listened to Reverend Jude. We all lit our candles and the children stood beautifully and safely whilst they were lit.

On the day of our class party the children looked ready to dance in their party outfits! They had fun dancing, playing party games, having some party food and relaxing enjoying a Christmas film!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The children have had such a busy week! We have started turning our classroom in to all things Christmassy and started our week off with a visit to church.

Reverend Jude told us a story and we were so well behaved!

Kara’s mummy came in to talk to us about Hanukkah which the children enjoyed learning about and even got to play with some dreidels!

As well as being busy practicing our nativity we managed to find time to bake gingerbread Rudolph’s! The children loved these.

Adding mad!

The children have been going crazy for adding this week, all thanks to our new adding machine. The children were keen to have a go and began to use it independently towards the end of the week!

We have been continuing to work hard on our number and letter formation, practicing everyday where we can. Some of the children love doing this independently throughout the day!

Colours of the rainbow.

This week the children have been getting stuck into repeating patterns.

They have been using things from around our classroom and each other to make patterns!

We have also been looking at the value ‘peace’ and we have talked about how to be peaceful. The children enjoyed spending some time on Friday feeling peaceful whilst reflecting on our busy week. Two children had come to ‘take over’ my job on Friday which meant that the children were extra busy with the girls from up the school.

What a busy week!

The children have been so busy in Reception this week.

On Tuesday we had an assembly all about recycling. This followed on from the work the children had been doing before half term and we learnt lots more about how to recycle our waste.

Then on Thursday for anti-bullying day, the children all came in odd socks and took part in a march out on the playground with the rest of the school. We made posters to hold up against bullying.

Finally, on Friday for children in need the children all came in their pyjamas and sold biscuits that they had made and decorated during the week. Thank you to all who bought any biscuits!

Colour and Light.

The children have had a fantastic week back at school. They have got stuck into our new topic – Colour and Light.

We have had fun making bonfire pictures including glittery firework pictures. The children have also been learning about the story of Diwali and have enjoyed creating Rangoli patterns.

We also had a Diwali party on Friday, the children tasted food usually eaten on Diwali and listened to some music. We also made Diwa lamps out of clay, painted them and stuck colourful stars around the outside.

Harvest Assembly and Story Cafe!

This week in Reception we have had a lot of firsts! We took part in our first Harvest Assembly in the hall with the rest of the school. Reception were so well behaved and some of us even got to help during the assembly and stood at the front! Thank you to everyone who brought in Harvest Donations – the assembly hall looked incredible.

Also this week, we had our first Story Cafe! The children were so excited that they had their parents in school and completed some excellent activities based on our book – Little Monkey.