Crazy about books…

This week the children haven’t only visited our school library, but have gone out of school on their first trip in Reception to Moor Allerton Library. The children enjoy going to see Miss Whiteley in our school library and this week they learnt all about how to keep books safe and how to treat them.

On Friday the children braved the rain and walked down to the public library where they looked at books, read with adults and listened to a story. The children all loved the exciting new books and the freedom to explore the area.

We also enjoyed learning the actions to the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ this week and particularly enjoyed showing the parents in our Friday assembly.

Fire fighter visit!

This week in Reception we had a lot of exciting things going on.


Firstly, we had some fire fighters in to talk to us about fire safety. This linked with our topic ‘People Who Help Us’. We thought of lots of questions to ask them!

We have enjoyed playing in our new Role Play area – the Fire Station!

This week in Maths we have been looking at estimating. The children have been estimating all week with different Autumn objects that were collected on your Autumn walks!

The children have also been making friendship bracelets for each other, which links to our value ‘kindness’. It has been lovely watching them making gifts for their friends and wearing them with pride!

Next week we will be visiting Moor Allerton Library which we are all very excited about! We will be looking at a range of books to do with our topic ‘Marvellous Me’.

Growing Up!

This week the children have been looking at photos of themselves when they were a baby. Theyhave enjoyed looking at the differences between babies and themselves now. We even had a special visitor, baby Jack and big sister Eve to talk to us about what it is like looking after a baby.

The children have also been completing some exciting recycling work with Mrs Willis this week as well as starting our 1 mile a day run.

All About Us

This week at school the children have been talking about their families. They have enjoyed learning about all different types of families and have listened well to their friends when sitting on the carpet. We even looked around the area on google maps!

We have started our phonics lessons this week, learning a new sound each day. The children have been and continue to be engaged and excited by this. They are all doing brilliantly, joining in with class activities when learning these new sounds.

The children have also been looking closely at Numicon and numbers to 5 this week. They have been looking at different ways that numbers can be made as well as practicing writing the numerals.

We are looking forward to next week and learning even more new sounds in phonics as well as looking at ourselves as babies as part of our topic work.

Welcome to Reception!

The children have settled into school brilliantly over the past two weeks. They have enjoyed getting to know new children as well as exploring all of the new provision areas.

The children have all been working very hard already: counting objects, practicing writing their name, riding bikes outside and even looking after the animals.

The children have also been earning House Points and have posed for team photo!

What a great first couple of weeks!