Space dome!

We invited the space dome into school this week and the children were so excited to go back inside! They were fascinated with the space topic and Sue took us through space and taught us lots.

This week also saw the arrival of some frogspawn! The children even pretended to be frogs which inspired some impromptu gymnastics!

World book day.

This week we had some slime in the classroom for the children to enjoy.

We have been working hard on doubling this week and have been doing it in lots of different ways.

We have also been sharing our favourite stories from home for world book day!



The children have been having lots of fun dressing up in the space suits this week!

It has also been an exciting week watching the builders in the outside area start our new bike track!

We have also been continuing to practice our numbers and the children have enjoyed using the big number tiles on the carpet!

Bake sale.

This week we have been working hard to get ready for our bake sale to raise money to adopt an endangered elephant.

The children made 114 cupcakes and iced them to sell after school. We made £50 and sent this money to WWF to adopt our elephant!

To end our half term we took a trip to Sainsbury’s to look at and buy some fair trade produce. The children loved going to the supermarket and found some fair trade items to buy!


This week we have started looking at the book ‘Leaf’. The children have enjoyed completing activities to do with our story, such as build a crow, making a tree out of mod rock and then painting it, and using filter paper to see how black is made up of all different colours.

The children have also been interested in our new endangered animals display and have been busy making posters to stop the poaching.

We also went on a treasure hunt around school to find different objects for our story.

We also made our own dens out of the scrap shed just like Leaf in our story!

And to top our week off we all got our faces painted like the creatures in the story!

3D shapes.

This week the children have been getting to know 3D shapes. They have been learning the names of some of the most common 3D shapes, finding them in our environment and even sorting them based on different characteristics. Some shapes only had flat, whereas some has curved faces.

Explorers galore!

Last week the children got the chance to speak to 4 different explorers as part of our topic! We have Dave on skype on Tuesday in north Sweden, Captain Suzan on Thursday in America, Lauren on Friday who was about to set off on a polar expedition and David who came into school to talk to us on Wednesday! The children were very excited and though of lots of questions to ask the explorers.

We got busy making maps of our own of places we would like to explore!

We also practised getting changed or PE for the first time! We looked very smart in our coloured tops and we all got dressed in record time!


This week the children have been busy learning all about measurements. We used our hands, feet and even bodies to measure everything dinosaur related! We found that 27 of our shoes fit inside one T-Rex foot and that 12 of us lying in a row was the same height as a T-Rex.

We have also been busy using the Lego that Reception got from Santa to build lots of new and exciting things. The children love Lego and they have been using their imaginations to create wonderful things!